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CheckMarket is an enterprise tool and services provider in Europe. It has an extensive API and automated alerts. Works in 30 languages. Distribution channels include e-mail, SMS, social media, kiosk, etc. Reporting has native Office formats and sharable dashboards.

survey monkeySurvey Monkey
Offers a web-based interface for creating and publishing custom web surveys, and then viewing the results graphically in real time.

Survey softwareeSurveysPro
Online tool that allows users to create and deploy free surveys, polls and questionnaires.

Online service provider offering online surveys, survey panel management, idea panel management and micro polls. Case studies, demo and pricing available.

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Data Collection Portal

Data collection system to collect data using surveys/electronic forms from online audience

Create Free Polls

Create animated flash polls for your websites or blogs without requiring registration


Online tool that allows users to create and deploy free surveys

Survey Survey

Survey Survey is a provider of online survey tools and software.Our software allows the user to develop, test and send the survey to participants.Our unique selling point is there are no response collection restrictions on our accounts


Create, distribute, manage, and analyze online surveys


Control, ease, and flexibility in designing and managing your online survey quickly and effectively.


RotatorSurvey is a robust desktop application for Windows intended to serious researchers, Market Research agencies and Public Opinion Research companies of all sizes. Rotator supports all forms of data collection methods including Paper and pencil interviews (PAPI), Telephone Interviews (CATI), Online Surveys (CAWI) as well as Questionnaire on Mobile devices (CAPI), It supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7 and earlier as well as all versions of Windows Server.


Online Tool to create & send surveys to world-wide mobile-devices. Statistics can be viewed real-time. Many question types. Tour and trial on site.


Create fully-customized, dynamic web surveys with real-time tracking and analysis of your results.


How often you felt like raising your voice on certain issues and share your opinion on it? Votocrat, makes this simple, easy and quick. The taps of your fingertips can give your valuable opinion a direction to create a revolution. With Votocrat, you can create polls on anything in and around the earth or even beyond that. The polls that you create can be a YES/NO poll, AGREE/DISAGREE poll, LIKE/DISLIKE poll, MCQ poll. A quick creation of polls and rapidly authentic result generation is the USP of Votocrat.

WebsiteGear Web Poll Tool

Web polls are fully customizable with color, font choices, and layouts.


Create free surveys - edit, distribute, and compile results automatically.

Neomyz Web Poll

Features dynamic, skinnable, multilingual flash interface. No need to download or install anything.

Offers customizable website polls.


Interceptum is an easy-to-use online survey and enterprise feedback management platform. We also offer turn key solutions for a wide range of online survey projects. Interceptum is free to try.

Use FluidSurveys Online Survey Software to Create Online Surveys and Polls in Minutes using Easy to Use Web Survey Tools. Sign Up for Free! offers Online Survey Software and Survey Tools that allow users to create Survey/Forms, Collect Data and Analyze the Results.


We make it possible to easily create online web surveys and publicize them. What sets us apart from other survey solution is the usuability of the system. We are aiming at ease, yet full functionality.

A free survey tool used for creating user- and client based research.


Make your own test, poll, form, or questionnaire. Free and easy, without any knowledge about html or programming.

Simple Survey

Bilingual (French and English) hosted web survey solution.


Remotely hosted free web polls are fully customizable with autorotate, tracking, expiry dates and more features.

Single-question opinion polling for web pages.

Voice Project

Voice’s online survey allows businesses to be self-sufficient in the delivery of employee engagement surveys, leadership 360s and customer satisfaction surveys

Grapevine Surveys

Grapevine online survey software allows you to produce online surveys in order to gather and analyze feedback.

Testimonial Monkey

Testimonial Monkey makes it easy for companies to get feedback from their customers. All of the feedback is guaranteed to be shown and the user can respond publicly to each review which enables the service to be used as a two way communication and customer service tool, helping to improve customer satisfaction and reduce product returns. This honest and open approach to customer feedback helps businesses to improve website conversion rates and boost company profits. Reviews can also be shared with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter helping businesses to build their online reputation and brand.

Easy Survey

Create and publish 30-day online surveys for free. Unlimited respondents, ajax-enabled design capabilities and analysis tools. Tour on site.


Tools to design, publish and analyze online surveys and polls.


Allows creation of a web-based survey form for free.


Create surveys and trivia games with unlimited questions and unlimited responses for free with Pinnion. We make it easy to share each Pinnion with your audience via the Pinnion Plugin for WordPress, Pinnion apps for iOS and Android, embed codes, and direct links for email and social media. Responses from all sources are available in real-time from your Pinnion account.


Quickly and easily set up a poll for a web site based on any subject. is a online survey software tool for designing online surveys, collecting data and performing analysis. SurveyFrog enables anyone to create online surveys quick and easily.


A simple tool to create polls e.g. for organizing events with friends.

Survey Console

Hosted survey software for creating, deploying and analyzing online surveys.


Create polls using an interface which is geared towards users of all skill levels.

Surveys Engine

Create free complex online surveys with several question types and different designs. Surveys are shown with ads.

Snap Poll

Create polls for your site - easy and free.


CheckMarket is an enterprise tool and services provider in Europe. It has an extensive API and automated alerts. Works in 30 languages. Ditribution channels include e-mail, SMS, social media, kiosk, etc. Reporting has native Office formats and sharable dashboards.


Creation, management, administering tools for on-line questionnaires and surveys.


Professional online survey tools that let you create, publish, and analyze online surveys. Quick, easy and affordable market research with access to over 6 million high quality panelists. Extremely easy to use with its instant preview survey creation tool, publication wizard, and real-time result analysis tools, with instant filtering, cross tabulation, open text comment analysis and many graphical chart options. Export result charts to PowerPoint or the raw data to Excel.


Qualtrics offers the easiest user interface of all survey solutions. The entire system is based off of a point and click edit system that rivals the simplicity of drawing on a white board. It allows you to design and deploy your survey completely online from any computer with an internet connection.Triggers (send your self an email when someone completes your survey or answers a question a certain way)GradingPiping Text (put the answer to one question into the stem of another question)Randomized blocks of questionsMany additional types of questionsBetter data results including some graphs, that can be exported into Word, pdf, etc.

Datagle LLC

Free online survey tools to create unlimited professional surveys. Advanced customization feature, insert picuture/video, real time result, multiple languages.

Rational Survey

Easily create, distribute & analyze questionnaire based surveys and polls online. Features an advanced yet intuitive design that simplifies survey configuration and saves time.


Voxco is a global provider of software solutions that enable companies, market research firms, governments and institutions to make informed and better decisions by providing them with the necessary tools to collect, process and analyze data from their external and internal environments.Voxco is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the USA, France, UK, Germany and Australia servicing hundreds of customers spread over more than thirty countries.


Free flash poll widget for blogs and websites


HeyCrowd is a Paris-based startup focusing on innovative survey applications. We have a popular iPhone & iPad app that lets everyone create and share opinion polls, and an online survey software available on the website. We love beautiful design and neat user experience.

Survey Tool is online survey software for Business. Survey Tool offers end to end survey services online, from initiating a template to collecting and analyzing data. Survey Tool also provides detail analysis with graphs and customize report.

Zoho Corporation offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning online business, productivity & collaboration applications. Customers use Zoho Applications to run their business processes, manage their information and be more productive while at the office or on the go, without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software.

eSurv is a provider of online survey software.The primary sifference between eSurv and other survey software sites is that their service is offered free of charge.The service is operated by research institutions and colleges.


Web-based survey management, allowing non-technical people to manage the whole process: creation, distribution, collection of responses, analysis tools and reporting.


Online survey software including survey design and analysis.

Flash Web Poll

Interacive online poll service that allows you to create a multiple-choice polling question for your website.


Create, edit, analyze online surveys with this online service based on the open source software LimeSurvey. Basic free long-term usage, bandwidth based fees, available in 49 languages.

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace improves your data collection by improving your surveys. Most surveys today overlook the respondent’s experience, which is why they produce low response rates. Our modern-looking surveys entice respondents, and are easy to interact with, using the latest mobile features–just like your audience. And you get more and better feedback!

Survey Galaxy

Survey builder with templates.

Snap Surveys

Since 1981, Snap Surveys has established itself as a leading provider of survey software and services. Snap Surveys is privately owned and funded by its directors and has offices in Bristol and London, England, and Portsmouth, NH, USA. Snap Survey Software is a complete package of integrated software programs for survey design, publication, adminstration, data collection and analysis used across all modes of survey research (Online, Paper, Mobile, PDA, Table, Kiosk) for ALL market sectors, in any language. Snap Survey Software consists of a core product, Snap Professional, and specialist modules that may be added to extend the capabilities to Mobile Phones, PDAs, Kiosks, Tablet PC's, Paper for Scanning, and Telephone Interviewing.


Electionbuddy is the complete online voting platform for running elections, polls, or referendums for boards, associations, schools, or anyone!

Votations Polls

Offers customizable and free website polls for your website or blog.


Free polls are also configurable, and you can upgrade them to power polls at any time.


Smart-Survey is an Online Survey Software designed to help users create and publish custom surveys within minutes, then view results graphically in realtime.


Online survey design, hosting and analysis including customer and employee satisfaction surveys, and event evaluation.

NBRI - National Business Research Institute

Measure Customer and Employee Satisfaction with NBRI Surveys. Free Survey Demonstrations and valuable White Papers.

Qualtrics Online Surveys

Qualtrics is a leading provider of cloud-based research solutions. From online surveys, to 360 assessments, to interactive website feedback, Qualtrics excels at making sophisticated research simple.


DataCracker is a new web-based survey analysis tool that makes it easy for anyone to find and share insights from their surveys.DataCracker was built on the idea of democratizing data analysis. The tool provides a solution for people who are not satisfied with the basic data analysis options provided by their data collection software but also find statistical programs like SPSS and Wincross are overly difficult to use. DataCracker equips users with powerful statistical testing and advanced data analysis tools such as WordCloud, Segmentation and Predictive Modelling. The tool has a familiar Office-like interface and works in web browsers using HTML5 technology, so it's easy for anyone to jump in and get work done on the go.


PHPForms is an easy-to-use tool that integrates web form building,online surveys creating, data managing and administrative functions. With WYSIWYG layout you can get any custom form and survey within just a few clicks.

Online survey and questionnaire service. Created surveys are free with advertisement or pay by answer. Product tour & pricing on site.

Outdoor Surveys

Development and hosting of online surveys for the hunting, fishing and camping industries and other outdoor recreation activities.

Golden Hills Software

Makers of SurveyGold, since 1999.

Survey™ Project

The Survey™ Project: a group and online community of enthusiasts and volunteers willing to share time, ideas and creativity to advance the development of the free, open source Survey™ web applicationSurvey™o- Survey™ is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing & gathering data online.o- Survey™ is ideal for anyone who needs to collect valuable information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently.o- Survey™ is a constantly evolving open source webapplication written in ASP.NET and C#.

Survey Creator

Create free customized web surveys, polls and quizzes.

My Home Poll

Create customizable, free website polls (with ads) for blog or homepage

Pollwizard allows visitors to create free web polls for their websites.


A powerful Online Survey Software tool that offers enterprise features at a lower price. Create Online Surveys in minutes and start collecting the data you need to make informed decisions! Sign up for a free trial today!


Builds and hosts online surveys for any form of questionnaire based research.


CreateSurvey is a subdivision of Imposant, a software development company working primarily with small and medium businesse.CreateSurvey is an online survey management system which was founded in 1999. Since then, we have been working to bring our customers the most advanced service, along with an interface that is comfortable and easy to use.


South African company providing web based and cell phone survey solutions.

Rated by Me

Suite of hosted survey tools and wizards.

Survey Shaker

Survey Shaker is the ideal tool for one-off surveys. Survey Shaker offers you an intuitive and dynamic environment to design and distribute your questionnaires and handle the results. You have access to all methods to manage your surveys and analyse any sort of data, whether quantitative or qualitative.Our company is specialised in publishing survey and data-analysis software, in an attempt to democratise access to survey and decision-making tools. Over 30,000 companies and government agencies, in over 35 countries around the world, trust Le Sphinx to be their indisputable reference. Its software and web solutions are used in all professional sectors.

Hosted polls, including a setup wizard, and other features.

Relicheck is a user-friendly survey site whose goal is to help users get reliable answers to their research, survey, and test questions. The technology used on the site is designed to provide users a low-learning curve experience to creating and delivering their survey. As well, the site provide statistical analysis the helps users determine the effectiveness of the questions on their survey. The purpose of the site is the focus on those individuals and organizations who are interested in effective ways to understand human attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.


SurveyTool is a web-based survey platform for collecting valuable feedback from employees, customers, focus groups, or any active user base. SurveyTool includes over forty free professional survey templates written by market research experts to help you ask smart, relevant questions and collect insightful feedback as quickly as possible. is a free online survey software. You can start creating a survey from scratch or select one of the available survey templates.Provides built in email invitations.Also has Free Polls for websites.


Create widgets, online surveys, polls or questionnaires for free with GlowDay. Publish them anywhere online including: MySpace, Bebo, Blogger, Xanga, Ning, Friendster, Blogger your blog, website or web profile


Online service provider offering online surveys, survey panel management, idea panel management and micro polls. Case studies, demo and pricing available.

Mind Meter

Offers web designers polling services.

Survey | dotSurvey

Survey by dotSurvey agency can help you to collect customers data from your online surveys and bring your survey data to life using animated graphs and charts

Go 2 Poll

Get free web poll or voting for your site or web page. No need to install software on the server. Just add html code.

Includes polls and surveys to collect the opinions of website visitors.

Create free small polls you can add to your website. Registration needed for advanced features.


Collaborative tool that allows to create, distribute and analyze online surveys.


Solution for creating, conducting and analyzing online surveys. Trial available on English/Spanish site.

Optimum ESP Market Research Software

Optimum is a comprehensive market research survey solution, enabling rapid development of Online, Email, Telephone, Intercept, Social and Mobile surveys utilizing a multimode solution.

Accurate Surveys

Online surveys for services and products. Includes templates and benchmarks.


dotSurvey provides a survey software to create online surveys that can help you to get exactly what you want to know about your customers


Web poll software for creating and managing online polls.

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace enables anybody to create appealing surveys for tablets and smartphones.Unlike other online survey tools, Survey Anyplace is 'made for mobile': survey respondents swipe through the questions and tap on the answer they want to select. Applying your own branding has never been easier: upload your logo and the color scheme of the survey/quiz is automatically adapted to your branding!Survey Anyplace makes response rates go up, and helps companies tune their offerings to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

Automated web service for publishing surveys and collecting data.


Offers limited basic survey services with fee required on exceed. Tour, Demo Survey and FAQ available.


Create free polls using text, images, music or video. Polls can be hosted on or added to websites, profiles and blogs.

ClassApps develops and sells professional survey software and marketing related software and add-ons. ClassApps primary product, SelectSurvey.NET, is a powerful internet-based survey product built in Microsoft’s .Net technology. The software features over 35 different question types, question libraries, data export to Excel/CSV file, advanced reporting console, powerful page condition logic, bulk user registration, email invitations and lists utilizing C#.NET code targeting the .net framework 3.5 and higher. In addition, there are dozens of administrative options that assist the user in administering and tracking the survey process and results. The product is available in both client server (On Premise) install and managed hosted software as a service (SaaS).


SelectSurvey.NET brand of professional survey software and marketing related software and add-ons. SelectSurvey.NET, is a powerful internet-based survey product built in Microsoft’s .Net technology. The software features over 35 different question types, question libraries, data export to Excel/CSV file, advanced reporting console, powerful page condition logic, bulk user registration, email invitations and lists utilizing C#.NET code targeting the .net framework 3.5 and higher. In addition, there are dozens of administrative options that assist the user in administering and tracking the survey process and results. The product is available in both client server (On Premise) install and managed hosted software as a service (SaaS).

MoboSurvey, LLC

Our service allow users to create online questionnaire (surveys, forms, or polls). The questionnaire will be viewable on any internet capable device. We pride ourself in our product’s ease of use. The questionnaire will have a native look on any device which makes it intuitive and give the viewers confidence.

GlobalGuest Web Poll Service

Offers web polls and survey scripts.

The IdeaWall

The IdeaWall is a forum-based platform used in addition to surveys that are designed to capture, manage, and prioritize feedback utilizing community discussions and voting. Users submit ideas and vote. The best ideas automatically rise to the top. With The IdeaWall your company or organization can effectively capture the power of online communities.


Offers a web-based interface for creating and publishing custom web surveys, and then viewing the results graphically in real time.


Over 4,500 organizations a year use the WorkplaceDynamics employee survey to understand how employees feel about their workplace.We offer sector benchmarks and provide results through an online results tool and ready-to-present reports.

Hosted Poll

Web site polling and voting software with real-time, graphical reporting.

Vovici EFM Feedback

Online survey software with multi-user capabilities, community builder and market research functions. Detailed Product description and demo available on request.

This free service lets you set up a customized, interactive opinion poll on your site to get feedback from your web site visitors.

WebsiteGear Inc.

Create and launch professional online surveys in minutes using web based survey software from WebsiteGear Inc. Pricing starts at $8.00 per month with a 30 day free trial. Key features include WYSIWYG editor with spell checker, SSL, custom domain such as and more.

Ask Your Target Market - AYTM

AYTM is a DIY online survey platform with a built-in consumer panel bringing the power of consumer insights to everyone. Market Research has never been this easy!

Electoral Reform Services

Provides ballot and election services, help with running elections, market research services, telephone surveys and internet voting systems. Services are provided in-house on a not-for-profit basis.

Kwik Surveys

Free service for creating and analyzing web-based surveys.


Mesydel is a computer tool aiming at faithfully implementing a large subset of the features of a Delphi survey: collection of data, multiple rounds of questionnaires, address book management, treatment and analysis of qualitative and quantitative questions, and dedicated analysis tools.


Surveyi is a free tool for creating online surveys and distributing them via web link, email, print, or in the field using mobile phones or table PCs. Graphically rich survey themes are available, as well as sample surveys to get you started. Paid account are also available with advanced features.


"The Glow offers innovative end to end consumer insight solutions that allow businesses to significantly improve their product offerings through accessible data and interactive analytics.Glow utilise our ecosystem of research, data analytics, field marketing, and consultancy partners to bring business categories and brand strategies to life it is more than just a research platform. We give businesses access to online research and analysis tools needed to uncover valuable insights that will better inform, support and empower their product strategies, so when exploring next opportunity for your business, innovate confidently with glow.


Survio is an online survey service. The product provides plenty of ready-made survey templates, layouts and styles. You can easily create a new survey with professional content and a stunning look in just a few clicks. View your collected responses in real time, using tables, charts, reports and data in most major file formats.

Analystica Oy

Analystica produce and deliver research software for interrogative (data collection) and reporting techniques (analysis) with related IT services that focus on areas of general questionnaires, non-conformity, competence testing and other projects related to quality assurance. We have conducted research projects for a large number of companies around the world. We have a references from one-man consultancy companies to insurance companies and banks.

Amplitude Research

Full-service provider of online surveys offering design, hosting, and reporting services., LLC

Browser-based and email survey tools and host.


KnockoutSurveys is an online survey tool and online poll builder. It allows people to create surveys and polls, then distribute it to their participants. Finally, results can be analyzed all within the application.

Easiest Survey Ever

It's so easy to create simple as well as complex surveys. Learn to build surveys in less than an hour by watching a few short videos. Manage respondents using our robust quota mangement and reporting tools. Question types include single, multi, grid, picture, numeric, text and loop. Easy to use scripting is available to create skip patterns as well as end your survey based on combinations of answers. Easily identify market segments and define quotas. A survey can have multiple quotas. Create skins for your surveys that can include graphics for headers, footers and navigation as well as background colors, etc.


Create your own free polls using the Range Voting method.

Confirmit Express

Survey software tool with real-time results and sign-up for a free 30 day trial.


NETQ believes that each company, institution or individual must be able to gather vital feedback and meaningful insights with ease. Online surveys are the perfect way to do this. For this reason, NETQ works on the smartest and most attractive tool for online surveys. Users have direct access to effective support within the software, a users’ forum, ready-to-use survey templates and/or by helpful employees.

Real Time Delphi

Web based service for collecting judgments from experts and synthesizing their inputs. Useful in forecasting, decision making, planning.


An online service to quickly create, deploy and analyze online surveys using just a web browser.


Simple polling site where you can create your own poll and cast votes as well


Get to know what your audience is thinking about your business using SutiSurvey. Reach your audience faster by conducting quick online surveys, and make intelligent decisions. SutiSurvey, an online survey software that can be easily customized and seamlessly integrated with multiple applications to facilitate greater experience. For more information visit :

Eval & GO

Survey creation with Eval & GO is designed with ease and speed in mind. Advanced survey creation options such as branching, multilingual surveys and quotas are also available. Professional reports in an instant.At Eval & GO, we believe that online surveys are incredibly powerful tools that should be accessible to everyone: Fortune 500, small business, start-up.

Poll tool for webmaster and internet users to make your own poll in 1 min.


Suggestar offers customers a simple smartphone focused feedback experience and gives clients actionable results to help improve customer loyalty. Customers are first asked "Would you suggest our business to your friends family or colleagues?", then followed by an open ended question to clarify 'Why' or 'Why not'. Customers focus on the core message, providing exact sentiment towards your business and giving you an extremely accurate measure of loyalty.


SurveyMonster is also a great solution with drag/drop ajax interface. it is like wufoo except it is 3 times cheaper. check it out at

Vision Metrics 360 Feedback

As 360 Degree Feedback metrics specialists we offer what you would expect to best the industry has to offer. As a global player, Vision Metrics has the unique ability to adapt to your needs instead of you adapting to technological constraints. Visit us today for free individual reports and demo.


Completely customizable poll. No promotional advertising or banners. Monthly or yearly pricing.

Checkbox Survey Solutions

Checkbox is a powerful, flexible and easy to use online survey tool. While it's perfect for creating professional surveys and questionnaires, best in class features such as email invitations and triggers, advanced logic and piping, and web services also make it a great option for online forms, evaluations and much more.


Free embeddable poll widgets for personal or business use

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