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Free survey softwareSurvey software tools range from simple survey tools that allow you to make simple surveys to send to your friends, such as the polls you see sent out via Facebook apps, all the way to survey programs and survey management software that can be used by professional researchers conducting studies on behalf of large organizations.

Online surveys can be a huge help in understanding how your customers or employees or any target audience think and how successful your products or programs are, without breaking your budget. Online survey tools can be a very cost-effective way for delivering surveys and collecting and analyzing results through one central system. While they’re not going to be the right fit for every research need, online surveys are great for gathering data quickly and easily.

The current online survey software comparison chart will focus on the free features of the web survey tools and more precisely, on number of surveys allowed by the free account, number of questions per survey, number of responses, question types, skip logic, piping, data export and a few others.

Here is the 2015 free online survey tools comparison chart:

free/trial account
Survey Monkey Survey Expression eSurveysPro Survey Gizmo QuestionPro
Number of surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Number of questions per survey 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10
Number of responses 100/survey 200/survey Unlimited Unlimited 100/account
Number of question types 13 18 14 20 15
Skip logic No Yes Yes No No
Piping No No No No No
Multiple languages supported No No No No No
Brand survey with your own logo No Yes Yes No No
Online survey reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download/export responses No Yes No Yes No


And the winner is …

Based on the above features, if you need a free survey software tool, we recommend you to use eSurveysPro is the best free online survey software tool that we were able to try.

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One thought on “Free Survey Software Comparison Chart

  1. Good article and review!

    Free survey software is great for start-ups and small companies trying to get some basic data for high-level business decisions.

    But “professional researchers conducting studies on behalf of large organizations” should definitely not be using free survey software.

    Researchers will need to create a more complex survey that appeals to a larger group of qualified target respondents. The more engaged your respondent audience, the higher your complete rates and the better quality your data. Engage your respondents by speaking to respondents in their own language (multi-lingual capability) and showing that your survey is ‘listening’ (use survey logic like skips & piping to adapt the survey to an individual respondent’s previous responses).

    Researchers: consider a more professional survey software that offers question/answer logic, multi-lingual capability, and multiple channels to survey hard-to-reach audiences. An engaged respondent leads to lower drop-out rates and higher-quality responses!

    Tim at Voxco

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