Free survey software comparison chart 2012

Last year we have created our first comparison chart of free survey software providers. Because in the meantime, one of the companies that appeared in the side-by-side comparison chart was acquired by another, and some of the features these companies offered for free changed, we are now ready to present the 2012 edition of our free survey software comparison chart.

Zoomerang is the company acquired by SurveyMonkey, so they will not appear in our chart anymore. Also, SurveyMonkey and QuestionPro removed a lot of features from the free account. As a new entry, we are welcoming SurveyExpression. SurveyExpression was launched this year and they already proved to be the survey tool that many users waited for to appear.

This year, we will focus on the same features: number of surveys allowed for free, number of questions per survey, number of responses, question types, skip logic, piping, reporting, data export and others.

So, here is the 2012 free online survey tools chart:

free/trial account
Survey Monkey Survey Expression eSurveysPro Survey Gizmo QuestionPro
Number of surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Number of questions per survey 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10
Number of responses 100/survey 200/survey Unlimited 250/month 100/account
Number of question types 15 18 14 21 15
Skip logic No Yes Yes No No
Piping No No No No No
Multiple languages supported No No No No No
Brand survey with your own logo No Yes Yes No No
Online survey reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download/export responses No Yes No Yes No


And the winner is …

Based on the above features, if you need a free survey software tool, we recommend you to use SurveyExpression. SurveyExpression is the best free online survey software tool that we were able to try.

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9 thoughts on “Free survey software comparison chart 2012

  1. Donna says:

    Looks like you missed trying at least one. With the survey tool at Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) our ‘List Surveys’ (sending surveys to your own respondents/sharing a link…) are 100% free, offers Unlimited surveys, Unlimited questions per survey, Unlimited responses, Currently 12 question types (more coming very soon) Skip Logic, Logo branding, Customizable on-line survey reports, Download/export responses in several formats and much more. We also have a built-in DIY panel of consumer respondents ($) with video response surveys.

  2. Very interesting chart. Thanks.

  3. ranjith says:

    Survey Face is a free online Survey tool, offers unlimited surveys, responses, Address book maintenance, Track responses and reminders, Automatic response alerts, PDF, EXCEL, CSV, HTML and XML Reports, Share Results, Password Protection and much more. You can visit Survey Face at

    Thank you

  4. Deckard says:

    PollDaddy and LimeSurvey are missing in this ‘comparison’.
    LimeSurvey ( ) beats most of the tools above hands down AND is Open Source and free and you can install it on your own webspace.

  5. Sam says: is also missing in the ‘comparison’.

    Number of surveys: Unlimited
    Number of questions per survey: Unlimited
    Number of responses: Unlimited
    Number of question types: 15
    Skip logic: Yes
    Piping: Yes
    Multiple languages supported: Yes
    Brand survey with your own logo: Yes
    Online survey reports: Yes
    Download/export responses: Yes

  6. Ray says:

    Survey Expression will be charging for what was free: Starting with 15 April 2013, the following features will be available only for paid accounts:

    ◦Data export
    ◦Email notifications
    ◦Customizable look & feel
    ◦Page skip logic
    ◦Report filtering
    ◦Report sharing
    ◦Cross-tab reports
    ◦Possibility to control questions visibility
    ◦Hidden fields

  7. pauline says:

    I registered with survey expression based on this review only to find all the things I need are disappearing in 2 days. They are still advertising that they are best free site as per your survey which seems like false advertising to me. I will not be upgrading to a paid account as I am a student and at this point only need one survey. Disappointed in wasting my time and not easy to deregister. 🙁

  8. Jeff says:

    I’ve tried all of these web-sites and although they all provide some good features, the best one for me is Plenty of great features with the free version and more than affordable prices if you decide you need a pro version. Great customer support, too! These guys can customize almost anything for you.

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