Top 10 promising online survey tools

SurveyAn increasing number of companies today choose to internalize their marketing research needs due to budget constraints or maybe some other causes. Many have discovered the ease and convenience of using online marketing research tools that can help them gather customer satisfaction opinions or employee feedback.

To know which of the many online survey tools is the most beneficial for your business could be a hard thing. For example, in our survey software directory there are listed around 100 survey software companies and each and every one of them try to convince you that they are the best in their field.

We have reviewed in the past a number of online survey tools and to help you better decide which is the best online survey software, we have compiled another list of 10 online survey tools that we did not cover yet, but look very promising to us.

1. SnapSurveys –

Snap Survey Software gives you full online survey capability – it’s easy to create, manage and analyze web and email surveys. Customers choose SnapSurveys because:

  • Designing professional looking questionnaires is easy. Routing, piping, randomization, text substitution, pre-seeding from a database, save and resume all help to deliver a better respondent experience.
  • Snap supports any language you need to run surveys in. Questionnaires and reports can also be formatted to be read from right to left.
  • It is simple to include multimedia and visual questions (controls) such as sliders, image maps, star ratings and calendars to engage respondents more effectively.
  • Snap offers an array of powerful analytical tools and real-time reporting.
  • Our survey software has the flexibility to handle multi-mode surveys, create and analyze questionnaires for online, paper, PDA, Kiosk and phone.
  • Custom branded URL and survey design templates available.

2. KwikSurveys –

Free online survey tool with unlimited questions and results. Create forms and polls for free! According to them, KwikSurveys is the MOST POPULAR FREE and easy to use service.

  • No hidden charges, it’s free !
  • Unlimited number of questions, answers and surveys
  • Premium and free support options available
  • Secure and Reliable service
  • The most popular free survey software
  • Downloadable results ( MS Word, Excel, Open office)
  • Brandable Surveys, Logo’s and custom themes
  • Embedded surveys directly into HTML webpages, forums etc..
  • Survey panel to gather participant responses.

3. FluidSurveys –

Save Hours of Time
With an easy to use drag & drop editor, you can build unlimited surveys, forms, polls & quizzes in minutes. Powerful enough for a PHD, but simple enough for an intern!

Build & Send Unlimited Surveys
Build powerful surveys with logic, multimedia & tons of question types at a fraction of the cost. Send out via web link, personalized emails, facebook, twitter, mobile and more!

Access Unmatched Analytics
View data in real-time and impress clients with beautiful graphs, charts, tables and cross-tabs. Drill down into the data with powerful filters, share reports online or export to Word, PDF, Excel, PPT and SPSS!

4. AskYourTargetMarket –

AYTM makes it easy to create sophisticated surveys. You can drag questions to change the order that they will appear, use skip logic, and even clone surveys. Add images and videos to engage your audience and capture their attention. You don’t need to be a research expert because we guide you every step of the way. If you don’t have your own list, AYTM’s panel of consumers are waiting to answer your questions.

5. SurveyBuilder –

Whether you’re a first-time surveyor or an industry pro, anyone can use SurveyBuilder to create online surveys. Gain quick responses to questions from customers, employees or your potential audience with SurveyBuilder’s free online survey tool. This FREE online survey tool is easy and intuitive. You can quickly create online surveys, add images and videos to engage your audience and publish your survey to online communities, your website, or email it to your customers. Then sit back and watch the responses roll in! You don’t need to be a research expert to Build, Promote, and Analyze your surveys. Sign up today with SurveyBuilder, a simple yet powerful online survey site. It’s always free to create an online survey and share it.

6. SurveyTool –

Why SurveyTool?

  • Over 35 prewritten professional templates to get you up and running quickly
  • Add rewards automatically to incentivize respondents
  • Intuitive new survey design tools
  • Attractive Price Point – SurveyTool offers the best value for the price
  • Automatically distribute surveys on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

7. Smart-Survey –

Smart-Survey is an Online Survey Software designed to help users create and publish custom surveys within minutes, then view results graphically in realtime. Using just your web browser, create your survey with our intuitive survey editor. Select from over a dozen question types (multiple choice, rating scales, drop-down menus, and more…). Send your survey by email or use our built-in mailing list system to make bulk email distributions. To do this is very easy; simply copy the survey link provided and send! View results as they come in ‘live’. View overall results in clear colourful charts, drill down and view individual responses. You can even export your results into a spreadsheet (CSV) or Word document and share your results with others.

8. NoviSurvey –

Novi Survey is an enterprise web Survey Software consisting of a set of Survey Tools that allow for the creation of sophisticated online surveys and data collection forms. Responses to surveys can be collected by posting them on a web site, by sending email invitations, or by manual data entry. The Online Survey Software application can be installed in-house or used on our hosted system to create online surveys that gather feedback from your employees, customers, subscribers, etc. The online surveys can be taken in any language and can include more than 100 question variations. The survey software designer comes with sample templates and allows for extensive conditional logic, a customizable look and feel, robust user security management, advanced survey reporting, an easy to use respondent survey portal, and a many more survey features.

9. dotSurvey –

Why dotSurvey?

  • You can fully brand or ‘white label’ your surveys in seconds, with the unique CopyKat tool
  • Save money – it’s FREE and there’s no need for web designers or IT bods – you can do it all yourself
  • The drag & drop survey editor is so flexible, you can create and change any survey layout you want…
  • …Even multi-column surveys. Yes! Just drag and drop any column, where you want it.
  • Includes free integration with dotMailer email marketing

10. MoboSurvey –

MoboSurvey claims to be A Truly Mobile Survey Application. With MoboSurvey you can quickly create online surveys that are accessible from any internet capable devices. Your users can access the same survey from their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops at anytime. Build once, distribute once, and see your results in real-time.

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24 thoughts on “Top 10 promising online survey tools

  1. Marinda Kimbal says:

    Extraordinarily useful appreciate it, I presume your trusty followers could possibly want a great deal more information such as this maintain the good work.

  2. Anna Leshinsky says:

    I have repeatedly received information from various sources that is a breakthrough between other online questionnaire tools. Someone trying/using this service ?

  3. Anna Schulte says:

    I am very surprised why is not featured in this list.It is an excellent software and its free version is better than the paid version of other sites.Very useful software tool to use.

  4. @Anna Schulte – is not featured in this list because it does not seem very popular at the current time. An Alexa traffic rank of 861,832 is very low. They should try to get more visitors.

  5. Gina Bailey says:

    I’ve been scouring reviews and checking out sites that would serve the needs of graduate level research (doctoral research as part of a dissertation). After reading many reviews on this site and “playing” with the options directly on the survey sites, I have been most impressed with They offer a low monthly cost and if you email them they will give discounts to students, nonprofits, and government agencies. For example, the “Pro plan” is $15 per month with the discount code. Not bad in my opinion!

  6. Anna Schulte says: : I’m surprised to know that has such a low Alexa Traffic Rank.I have been using it for all my survey work and have been very satisfied.Neways I would like to suggest you to add it in your survey software directory.It will give the users more option.

  7. @Anna Schulte – you need to submit the application yourself to the directory. here is the link:

  8. Anna Schulte says: : Thanks for the reply.Have submitted the application.It gave me this message,”Your listing has been submitted and is pending approval from an administrator.”When will it be visible.

  9. @Anna Schulte – listing is now live

  10. Anna Schulte says: : gr8 that was quick.Thank you!

  11. Snap Surveys says:

    Thank you for mentioning Snap Surveys. In addition, Snap Surveys has been in the survey research business for 31 years. We can handle all modes of survey research: online, paper, paper for scanning, mobile (including iPhone / iPad), PDA, kiosk, tablet, and phone. If anyone would like additional information about Snap Survey Software or set-up a free demonstration of the software, please feel free contact us at 603-610-8700 or in the US, or 01454 280828 or in the UK.

  12. Aliah Marrie says:

    I have used SoGoSurvey & Surveymonkey. Both are the best, but personally, I would go for SoGoSurvey cause they are new, upcoming and robust. They give a lot of options while designing Surveys & Polls.

  13. Yesenia Lopez says:

    I totally agree with Aliah, is a pretty detailed tool, gives a lot of options! Highly recommended.

  14. I recently wrote and launched a full featured and totally free online survey and analysis tool called Factile ( Please do take a moment to check it out. If you see any thing amiss or have a wishlist of what you would like to see in your survey tool, send it to me and I would happy to build it! The best is, Factile is not a company – its a totally not for profit effort that I have undertaken.

  15. Chris says:

    My personal favorite for top 5 would be:

    Fluid Survey
    SoGo Survey
    Survey Monkey
    Question Pro
    Survey Gizmo

  16. Nick says:

    There so many out there and they all look pretty bland! is by far the best in terms of cosmetics and ease of use

  17. I love this article especially because I am very interested in keeping track of my clients by utilizing surveys and analyzing these statistics.

  18. Paul Brown says:

    I run a training company in the UK and an online survey would be very useful to help us improve our services. Can anyone recommend one of these tools based upon their own experience? Thanks!

  19. Peter Cullen says:

    @Paul – I’ve been using for years and it worked great all the time.

  20. Vanessa says:

    I am using SurveyExpression right now. Check it out:

  21. Sorry for the problems we had with the commenting system. Should work again now.

  22. Adrian Chiles says:

    Another promising tool I just started using is

    It reminds me of survey monkey with more features and more user friendly.

  23. Jonas says:

    The best option in the UK is, nothing comes close. Excellent telephone support and data stored in UK, important for DPA reasons!

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