Free survey software – How it might help your business

Survey SoftwareOnline surveys have nowadays become an important part of the marketing suite of tools. Free online surveys have only facilitated this spread of using technology to allow companies to get closer to their clients and email surveys have brought both parties in the same piece of cyberspace. The bigger question that needs to be asked is: do these surveys really add any value? The answer is a resounding yes for the following reasons.

The online world may have brought down barriers to trade but they have also taken away the personal aspect of business. Where salesmen could read a raised brow or a frown, the online marketer can only guess what is going on in the buyer’s mind. Therefore, surveys play an important part in getting to know what the customer is thinking at crucial points of time.

Feedback is too late in the chain of events to keep a smile on the customer’s face. This is a reactive phase while surveys are proactive by asking a customer what he or she wants instead of waiting for an answer that could swing either way.

Another important role that connects its use to the offline world is the product itself. Online surveys have the power to rapidly get customer needs insights and translate that much faster into product improvements.

Free online surveys reduce the cost of business. We know that surveys are a non-revenue generating exercise and therefore, the advent of the free survey software takes away some of the marketing costs.

Flexibility of use allows survey software to send email surveys to customers, thereby not intruding on the experience of surfing and allowing the customer time to phrase out suggestions.

All these benefits can only work if there is a concerted effort put into designing the content of the survey itself. Questions are a tricky part of the survey equation and one vague question that goes out to a million people will just make reported data inaccurate and useless. There is also the danger of not designing the exact points of where the survey will pop up in the surfing exercise when using a web based survey. This should be done with tact and with some technical expertise and logic. It must be fundamentally remembered that all surveys are an imposition on the customer’s time and patience so gathering data must be done quickly and smoothly.

Online surveys have indeed done a lot to make businesses more profitable online and this has only been increased by the efforts of service providers giving free online survey software. Web based surveys and email surveys are some of the important tools in the goal of promoting brand loyalty.

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