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Many times we’ve asked ourselves during the last couple of years what happens with QuestionPro. We have covered QuestionPro in the past and realized that it’s one of the top survey software providers on the internet, but in the last couple of years, the design changes done on their presentation site were little and badly done.

Today we welcome a new site design from QuestionPro. The site looks very nice. You can easily access the presentation pages of main features, resources and pricing. Well done QuestionPro.

The survey platform of QuestionPro remained the same, so you can read our previous review here.
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One thought on “QuestionPro website redesign

  1. Francisco says:

    Unfortunately the “Web Professional” account still will display an huge “QuestionPro” logo at the final, a personal message linked to their website. This package has an excellent price but the image you’ll transmit to your customers won’t be professional, as the package suggests. The package comparsion chart doesn’t clear this issue so, be aware that you won’t get rid of “QuestionPro” logos, even in the payed versions.

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