Decommission of SurveyPirate

Last week, SurveyPirate announced the decommission of their services. SurveyPirate was a free survey software platform in business since 2008. They advertized as “the world’s most user friendly tool. And it is totally free!”. I guess that this “completely free” business model does not work anymore in the current economy.

Here is the full email sent to their users:

Dear SurveyPirate User,

As of February 1, 2012, SurveyPirate will be taken out of service.

SurveyPirate was the first free online survey tool giving anyone access to consumers from all over the world. Cint, the owner of SurveyPirate, has now partnered with many survey software providers to offer instant access to respondents. Through our partners, you will find improved survey functionality paired with our global reach in over 40 countries.

Before February 1, 2012, please:

  • Download any data/reports from SurveyPirate that you wish to access after February 1st. You can download data/reports in .pdf and .csv formats. Please see instructions here:
  • Migrate any surveys to a new survey tool. Visit to find a list of providers offering access to more than 6 million consumers.

Would you like more information about accessing people to gather opinions? Please go to for a short 2 minute video.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time with us. We’ve enjoyed having you and look forward to helping you again via our trusted partners!

Best regards,
The SurveyPirate Team