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We have reviewed in the past a number of survey software tools, but we did not at any point compared the features of those survey tools in a side-by-side comparison chart. We will do it right now. We will focus again on free web based surveys platforms and we will compare the most important features: number of surveys allowed, number of questions per survey, number of responses, question types, skip logic, piping, data export and others.

free/trial account
SurveyMonkey Zoomerang eSurveysPro SurveyGizmo QuestionPro
Number of surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Number of questions per survey 10 12 Unlimited Unlimited 10
Number of responses 100 100 Unlimited 250 100
Number of question types 15 15 18 21 14
Skip logic No No Yes No Yes
Piping No No No No Yes
Multiple languages supported Yes Yes No Yes No
Brand survey with your own logo No No Yes Yes No
Online survey reports Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes 
Download/export responses Yes No No Yes Yes


Comparing the main features of these popular survey tools we would recommend SurveyGizmo or eSurveysPro for users that want to create and analyze surveys for free. For more details about survey software reviews and comparison of survey tools, please take a look at

16 thoughts on “Free survey software comparison chart

  1. John says:

    Another alternative survey tool is Rational Survey. They have a free version that has a lot of these competitors beat.

  2. Allan Ebdrup says:

    You might add

    It’s like eSurveysPro with unlimited surveys, questions and responses.
    The only differences is
    that there are fewer question types and downloading/exporting responses IS available. Also your survey will not have ads in it.

    Furthermore obsurvey is very very easy and fast to use.

    I’m the creator of obsurvey.

  3. Matthew says:

    There’s a new free online survey tool on the market with unlimited questions. The tool is very light and user-friendly, perfect for small surveys. Link:

  4. Laura says:

    SurveyGizmo is not free. Cheapest is about $20/month for a personal account. There is a 14-day free trial only. It shouldn’t really be on this list.

  5. S. Master says:

    For your consideration: The Survey Project is a group of inspired volunteers willing to spend time and make an effort to create free survey software and share creative experiences along the way.

    Survey™ is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing & gathering data online.

    Survey™ is ideal for anyone who needs to collect valuable information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently. It enables users without coding knowledge to develop and publish surveys through the internet.

    Survey™ is an open source web application written in C# .NET based on a MSSQL database. The Survey sources save .NET developers time and effort in creating surveys in web application projects and provides many features to fit different requirements and business needs.


  6. Adam says:

    I wanted to add to this list of survey tools. Mobosurvey helps you quickly create online surveys that are accessible from any internet capable devices. Your users can access the same survey from their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops at anytime.

  7. Sean says:

    Do you know any survey tools (free or paid) that allow you to create matrix-style questions with numeric data entries and a running total at the bottom of each column not pre-determined by the creator but based on user entries?

  8. hwsgw says:

    Comparison table between Surveymonkey abd CreateSurvey at

  9. Rik says:

    Another free tool you could consider is NETQ ( It’s very easy to use, advanced and has a good reporting section.

    Also, you can make use of loads of templates that you can easily modify.

  10. Eval And GO says:

    Try Eval and GO, we offer you a variety of survey tools including cross tabulations, matrix style questions and so much more. Visit 100% online, no software download.

  11. kage says: is my new fave. Amazing every few months the entire landscape of the internet market changes. If you want free tools for making surveys of any length or size, just as easy to link to facebook, twitter, etc. And the results and demographics download right into excel. This one is up and coming and lets you use free cool tools — what a lot of the others hold back for their premium subscriptions. SurveyBuilder doesn’t have fees or monthly subscription rates.

  12. nan says:

    I researched several different online surveys. is by far the best, and it’s FREE!

  13. francis says:

    I am looking for a survey tool that i can run on my own website and which allows me to set up, manage and run many custom surveys simultaneously on behalf of clients. I need a simple suite of tools for respondent emailing, reminders etc and i want to be able to store responses on a database.

    what do the experts suggest?

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