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Need to create a survey and you are a student or have a very low budget? There are free survey sites on the web that can help you with your task. We will try to list some of them here. Keep reading to find out which are the best free survey tools.

There are many survey sites available online that claim to be free. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true. Most of them will have limitations that will make you purchase an account at some point if you really need a professional survey. But, in some cases, the free features these sites offer can be enough for a large number of people that need to create surveys.

Here is a list of site that we have found useful. We will try to review them in more details in our next posts.

1. Survey Monkey –

 Survey Monkey

Main limitations of the free account:

  • number of responses allowed – 100 per survey
  • number of questions – 10 per survey
  • (allows unlimited surveys per account)

2. QuestionPro –


Main limitations of the free account:

  • surveys per account – maximum 2
  • number of questions – 10 per survey
  • (allows unlimited responses)

3. –

Survey Software

Main limitations of the free account:

  • displays Google Ads on the survey page
  • (allows unlimited responses)
  • (allows unlimited questions per survey)
  • (allows unlimited surveys per account)

4. Zoomerang –


Main limitations of the free account:

  • number of responses allowed – 100 per survey
  • number of questions – 10 30 per survey
  • (allows unlimited surveys per account)

5. SurveyGizmo –


Main limitations of the free account:

  • number of responses allowed – 250 per month
  • (allows unlimited surveys per account)
  • (allows unlimited questions per survey)

6. –

Main limitations of the free account:

  • number of responses allowed – 50 per survey
  • survey data available for 10 days
  • number of questions – 20 per survey
  • (allows unlimited surveys per account)

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25 thoughts on “Free survey sites

  1. Donna says:

    Just wanted to clarify – Zoomerang’s basic (free) account has a 30 question/100 respondent limit per survey.

  2. Thanks for the input Donna, we have updated the post.

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  4. Hey, what about us! =D allows unlimited questions, unlimited answers, unlimited surveys and shows NO ads…

    Your welcome to try us out! At the moment we are avaliable in English, Russian and Swedish 🙂

  5. @Dolly. Wow, “The world’s first totally free survey tool”. We will certainly want to review that. Stay tuned 🙂

  6. Allan Ebdrup says:

    Actually surveypirate is not the first totally free survey tool. Take a look at
    It’s been active since march 2007, it’s totally free, no ads, no limitations, no “powered by”.
    And it has a truely unique user interface. It makes heavy use of AJAX.
    And is propably the first survey tool in the world to support embedding multi paged surveys in blogs or websites.
    Other than that it only has the basics, it’s not an advanced system.

  7. Mark says:

    Hi thanks for the great review!

    My comment may come out as 1 year too late… but I’d highly recommend a brand new survey/market research site Compared to surveyMonkey or zoomerang, it is really free: unlimited questions, responses, and look and feels.

    Plus they have some really cool features: e.g. you can embed the whole survey in any web pages, user can go back and forth inside the survey without ever leaving the web page; and they show geographical, chronological, and drill down analysis in very sleek UI.

    I know this comment is kind of late, but technology evolves and better things keep coming up, just want to share it with other folks out there.

  8. FwsMaster says:

    Released earlier this week Survey 1.2.0 at

    Survey is a free web based survey and form engine toolkit for Microsoft’s .net. written in and C#.

    The open source Survey project is a restart of the open source websurvey solution NSurvey

    A demosite is available at

  9. Kathryn says:

    “Totally free survey tool” at Survey Pirate – load of rubbish Dolly, I just created my survey and it was going to cost me to run it depending on how many respondants I want!
    A survey pirate indeed!

  10. Allan Ebdrup says:

    You should take a look at

    It’s 100% free, no limitations and no ads but that’s not important.

    It’s fast, but that’s not important.

    What is important is that, every single feature of the solution has been implemented in a unique and innovative way.

    Every single feature we add to obsurvey, we try to implement in the best possible way. We spend a lot of time on each thing. So you will not find a list of features that’s a mile long. Instead you’ll find a short list. But each item on the list is implemented in a unique way, with a lot of attention to detail and extreme amounts of thought and innovation. All to make sure you will find it extremely easy and fast to use and powerfull enough to get the job done.

    Try for a truly unique experience.

    P.S. It has all the standard stuff, like branching, filtering of reports, export to csv, pdf, etc.

  11. Dave says:

    I just wanted to provide a response regarding SurveyPirate.

    I am working with a couple of nonprofits that need to survey their memberships. One has over 400 members. The other has over 1000. Obviously, the other free services that are limited will not meet their needs and, they have no need for a monthly subscription.

    I decided to go ahead and check out their site despite the comment that they wanted to charge Kathryn.

    Although the site leaves something to be desired with regard to ease of use for creating the survey and accessing reports, it does actually provide the ability to do your own surveys for free with unlimited questions/respondents and the ability to download the raw data in the form of a CSV file.

    I saw where Kathryn said they wanted to charge her. On the section where you create surveys, there is a tab titled “Consumer Access” that is used to conduct research using a group that have agreed to take surveys. This is not necessary if you have your own users you wish to survey.

  12. I gotta say excellent review list. Wish I had it before I used Survey Tool.Although the software is great tried to upgrade to Basic package. Unfortunately they don’t accept UK payments. Pretty disappointing!!!

  13. Max says: – is new very promising free and not overloaded service! It miss only one feature for me – branching.

    2author: Post named “Free survey sites”, but all listed services has restrictions… Can you create new list with real free services?

    thank you.

  14. Tuan Bui says:

    I wanted to add to this list of free survey tools. MoboSurvey helps you quickly create online surveys that are accessible from any internet capable devices. Your users can access the same survey from their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. Sign up is free.

  15. Sheila says:

    The free account only allows 12 questions, not 30.

  16. afriggins says:

    The list of free survey sites is a little out of date now.
    One site you may like to add is who are providing an unrestricted service for free.

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