Google launches consumer surveys tool

google logoOnline surveys market is already a very full place. There are many companies that offer web-based survey services that can help anyone, big or small, to create market research surveys, human resources surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and many more types of online surveys. Every company is interested in what their customers or potential customer are thinking so market research surveys take an important place.

Very often, companies do not have a long enough customer list to be able to question and find detailed answers about their business. Many of these companies are willing to pay a small fee for each answer they would get to their surveys. Because of that, a lot of the survey companies from the market started to build online panels that allow companies to purchase respondents to their surveys.

I don’t know if this is a surprise or not, but Google recently announced the launch of Google Consumer Surveys.

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How it works

1. You create online surveys to gain consumer insight.

Write your own survey questions or customize existing templates. Target the entire US Internet population or specify a custom audience you’re after, whether it’s 25-34 year olds, coffee drinkers, or pet owners. Pick how many responses you want and your survey is ready to go.

2. People complete questions in order to access premium content.

People browsing the web come across your questions when they try to access premium content like news articles or videos. Opinions are valuable, so answering the question gives them near instant access to the page they want for free. They don’t have to pull out a wallet or sign in and you gain insight into what people think.

3. Publishers get paid as their visitors answer.

Questions run across sites in our diverse publisher network in order to get the necessary respondents. Publishers – online news sites, video creators, and app developers – make money as site visitors provide answers. Everyone wins.

4. You get nicely aggregated and analyzed data.

Google automatically aggregates and analyzes responses, providing the data back to you through a simple online interface. Results appear as they come in, not days or weeks later.

Here is the presentation video for Google Consumer Surveys product:

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