Best free online survey software tool

Free survey softwareIn a very crowded market, to succeed, you need to come up with a much better offer than your competitors. SurveyExpression is just trying to do exactly that.

If you are looking for the best survey software tool that will allow you to create online surveys for free, look no further. SurveyExpression is the perfect tool for you. It offers for free what other survey platform vendors only offer for hundreds of dollars.

Here are the main features that you can access for free using SurveyExpression:

  • UNLIMITED Surveys
  • UNLIMITED Questions
  • 200 responses/survey
  • Easy-to-use survey editor
  • Professional reports
  • Ad-free surveys
  • Data export
  • Page skip logic
  • Print reports to pdf
  • Email notifications
  • Survey library
  • Customizable look & feel
  • Survey folders
  • Hidden fields
  • Advanced question types

Most survey providers that offer free accounts impose many limits, related to either the number of survey or questions that you can create or to advanced features like skip logic, certain question types or data export. It’s not the case with SurveyExpression. The only limit is that you can only collect 200 responses per survey for free, but this is also the best offer that you can get compared to the biggest competitors.

This makes SurveyExpression the best choice when it comes to choosing a free online survey software tool.

5 thoughts on “Best free online survey software tool

  1. Leonard says:

    I am a student that rarely needs more than 100 responses per survey. SurveyExpression is what I needed. I am expecially happy with the free data download.

  2. Many thanks for the review and comments.

    — SurveyExpression Team

  3. Laura Grey says:

    I tried SurveyExpression and it works very good. However, I am not using the free account, as I needed more than 200 responses per survey and also needed more users to access the same account. But $300/year is very cheap considering that 100 users can share the account.

  4. Teresa says:

    Nice site SurveyExpression. I strongly recommend.

  5. Thanks for this. I’ve tried SurveyMonkey and PollDaddy and was looking for a new site. Will definitely try SurveyExpression next.

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